Momleficent and Prince Phillip by Denise A. Castro

Long ago there lived a queen and her son. She was known as Momleficent (the original Mother of Dragons). Her brave and handsome young prince was Prince Phillip. The prince was incredibly brave and just; he hunted menacing lizard like monsters and gruesome giant insects from plaguing his kingdom. With the might of his crotched sword; he was fearless. He roamed the forest with his noble steed – a French bulldog called Hamlet.

One day Momleficent called him home for supper; and the prince in turn made a run for it. Sometimes Phillip didn’t want to eat; heroes do not need sustenance for their strength-they are born strong. Momleficent, demanded he come inside at once for rest and sleep; he’d respond in turn with “No, Mama, No. For heroes do not need rest. Momleficent raised her eyebrows in question. The prince knew this look – “Well. Well” said the eyes shining. “Do not make me use my magic” said the gaze. He considered his options and decided – it was to be a battle then! He met her eyes and stared her down; bravely putting his foot down in defiance, I SHALL NOT go inside. I SHALL remain outside; roaming my kingdom as long as I like.

Momleficent echoed the prince’s battle cry; illuminating every scale on her body. A powerful cry of stern command heeded a final warning to the prince. Phillip stood his ground; and did not yield. The Mother of Dragons; inhaled a deep breath of forbearance – for an immense fire like breath was brewing in her throat. The prince ran with all his might and attempted to shield himself; stooping behind a tree. But Momleficent was incredibly swift and cunning; and knew the Prince’s every move. She fiercely swooped in and snatched him up in her claws, flapping her mighty wings upward and carrying Phillip across the kingdom. All the while Phillip kicked and screamed with all his might to try and free himself; all in vain as Momleficent firmly held him down.

The prince was visibly upset; he felt Momleficent’s interference was a nuisance – ruining his daily adventures. As she placed him firmly on his feet – he turned his back on her, bowed his head, and stared at the floor ignoring her. Momleficent watched him intently as he kicked a few stones arms crossed. She did not enjoy battling her son; for she was not a villain at heart. Her same fearless spirit lived in him; mocking her in jest. She sighed deeply and smiled.

                “How about a fruit Pop?” said Momleficent. The prince raised his eyes to meet hers; and jumped up with joy. “Oh, wow Mom. Yeah. Yeah. Oooh”

                “Promise to come inside?” asked Momleficent in return.

The prince looked to the sky once more and considered. He quickly dropped his crocheted sword, removed his cape and kicked off his boots. Momleficent picked up his garments and looked at the adorable prince who now only wore his diaper. As he headed to the kitchen he turned back and called out to his noble steed.

“Hamlet! Come. Go, Go, Go.” Pointing at a bowl of water.

Momleficent unwrapped the fruit pop and handed it to Phillip. He was elated; wrapping his arms around her neck; with his champion like strength. Momleficent’s heart warmed. Looking up at her with sticky lips; he kissed her face.

“Hmmm. Ma-ma”. The prince nodded in approval.

Momlificent wished she could read the prince’s thoughts. It was not a power she possessed. She knew that love is being the villain sometimes, so that the one you love can remain a hero. She watched him prance in delight with his fruit pop in hand. There stands Prince Phillip; future leader of the kingdom; Son of Momleficent; Mother of Dragons; Ruler of his Mother’s heart.

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