The Vulnerability Hour – A Mothers Journal Entry of Postpartum Depression by Mari Vega

Nothing is worse than watching your own child play back to you all of your unfavorable character traits. It was then that I finally understood that you must first recognize the pain within you; so you can then heal it.

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Remembering Grace – Points for the Post Pandemic Parent by Angie Armada

For some reason we have been conditioned to believe that if we take a break we are lazy or that this avalanche of work will engulf our entire lives. No. Plan for it. Plan for those breaks if you need to. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

My Own Pregnancy Advocate by Unnati Patel

I know that I owe the success of my second pregnancy to my advocating for
myself and doing what was best for my body and baby. This experience made it clear that
women need help and guidance in advocating for their own, and their babies’, needs.

Bonded by the Sea by Susana Ramirez

I had no time to remember who I was, and I certainly didn’t have the energy to find myself. I knew that I had to stop this cycle of self-abuse and neglect. I owed it to my daughter, but most importantly, I owed it to myself.


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