Growing the Pizarro’s – A story of a Mother honoring her Daughters Life by Natalie Pizarro

Our growing story began in 2012 with a blog that highlighted our struggle with infertility culminating with our process of going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and leading to the birth of our first daughter, Sabrina Natale. Sabi (as we called her), provided so much love and happiness to us and our family. She was a fun loving child, who loved to watch Frozen 100 times and sing “Let it Go” into her microphone. We can still hear that little voice every time the song comes on. One of the best feelings in the world was seeing her running to the door to give me a tight cheek to cheek hug. I still crave that feeling on special occasions.  

God had other plans for Sabi, and on July 21, 2015, Sabi gained her angel wings at only 22 months old. Leaving us completely devastated. I can remember the tears from all the staff, the doctor telling me they did all they could, from collapsing on the floor, feeling my dad’s humid wet shirt, and then being transferred  to a special room since the ER was flooded with family and friends. A nurse told me to scream and punch a pillow. I lay in a fetal position waiting for my husband to arrive. It felt as though my guts and heart wanted to come out of my body. I kept asking myself – how could something like this happen to us? We went through so much to bring her into this world. Just the thought of replaying that day, makes my stomach cringe. You can read it in more detail at our blog

My husband and I were lost emotionally and we struggled greatly to find reason and purpose in our life. Thankfully with God’s word, family and our community of supporters we were able to find a message through our heartbreak. My journey later on as a clay maker would lead me to my clay jewelry business; birthing ideas on how to cope and honor Sabi’s story. One of those creations representing that day is “a piece of my heart is missing”. I want my pieces to be relatable. I want them to say -“that with any loss, you will always have a piece of your heart missing”. This piece embodies a curved heart and at the corner a small piece is carved out within that heart. The mother of pearl represents motherhood. Leaving me and anyone who’s lost someone – to learn to live with a piece of your heart missing.

We continue to honor Sabi’s legacy with yearly random acts of kindness which happens every year for her birthday on September 2nd. After many mournful years –we decided to grow our family through IVF once again. Leading us to the birth of our rainbow baby, Anna Sofia, on March 9, 2017. Fia, as we call her, is kind, loving and full of energy. Her presence has filled a huge void in our hearts. When Fia was born so many emotions crossed through me. I was anxious the first 22 months of her life worrying about something happening again. Once she crossed over and we celebrated her 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday – I weep tears of joy that I am able to witness this incredible person’s birthday. Something I wished for with Sabrina. But I know her sister lives within her. I remember rocking Fia to sleep and her looking up, smiling and sometimes laughing. I imagined these young souls feeling angels around them. Fia is so lucky to have her sister so close by. To this day, it’s getting harder to talk to her and explain about her sister in heaven. She’s asked “Mommy/Daddy, when is Sabrina going to come out?”, “I want to play with her”. She’s referring to Sabi coming out of her photograph. We say to her “she is always with you. She’s in your heart and with Papa Dios”. 

Enter 2020, and the chaos of Covid. I lost my job and with that a sense of purpose. It was difficult to process when I was told that my position was eliminated and dispersed among other staff members. I’ve worked at several large advertising agencies; most recently a cruise line. I witnessed several layoffs but luckily never was the one of them. My last position had me wearing quite a lot of hats – so I felt somewhat irreplaceable. I handled their outreach connections, marketing, social media, podcast, operations, and new development. But the truth is you are replaceable at any job. Being enclosed at home with my daughter and then being laid off added huge mental stress, as I have always been a working Mother and felt as though I lost connection in my roles.  

Through prayers, persistent support, and personal adversity, I found my purpose once again. One Sunday morning I decided to order a random clay box on Amazon, and by Tuesday I began creating what I thought were inspiring pieces of jewelry. I told my husband, “Maybe people will like these and buy them?” To my surprise and through the power of community, several people started buying. Helping me find ways to bring income to support this household. I knew I couldn’t return to the corporate world. I finally felt that God was giving me an opportunity to have a sacred space and evolve into something that was meant for me. I remember humbly placing my earrings of $5-10 in zip lock baggies for pick up, and boy have things changed a year later. My custom made clay jewelry made its first sale on August 1, 2020. We call our shop Grow and Design on Etsy, and began showcasing at several local pop up events. Each piece carefully symbolizes love, peace, faith, honor and strength. Our latest piece, “Domino,” is an ode to the culture of Cubans in Miami. The numbers honor the birth of our daughters, Sabrina 9 & 2, and Anna Sofia, 3 & 9. There is no coincidence that both 9’s can be played together. My daughters are forever connected in heaven and on earth – and pay tribute to each other’s lives. Recently we created a Miami edition, 3 and 5, for 305. Bringing awareness to the current humanitarian crisis in Cuba- promoting freedom of speech- for exiled Cubans in Miami. 

Our hope is to continue to strengthen our ties to the community through our creations. And bring awareness to Nico’s promise, an organization that helps provide bereavement support when a child is lost, where at Nicklaus Children’s, the family becomes the patient. Our mission is to bring awareness to others about this program as they truly helped our family move forward during the hardest and unimaginable of times. Growing the Pizarros has been a journey of hope, heartbreak and loss, and learning to live and love again with a piece of your heart missing. We keep our hearts beating with Gods help and with the love of our daughters we honor the legacy of Sabi and her beautiful soul.

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