Womb of our Mothers: Sacred Space for Healing by Heidi Ronquillo

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I became a mother at the age of 15. My journey into motherhood like most has its many ups and downs, since becoming a teenage mom. My journey led me down a path of helping women connect to their wombs and heal the hardships of motherhood.

Becoming a mother at such a young age, I decided to take it slow when having another child. When I was about of 24/25, my then husband and I decided to try for the second one with little success. A year and a half passed by, and we were still unable to get pregnant. While having been in the spiritual/holistic field and beginning to help women with their womb healing journey. I remember doing everything right I was drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, taking my prenatal vitamins, yoga, eating right and tracking my cycle incessantly. As I guided women to heal their womb I could not conceive in mine. I felt broken. Lost to the various paths a woman takes to try and grow a human. I also knew this was not all on me and my reproductive system to achieve a successful pregnancy; the health and sperm of the father was a vital factor as well.

I finally became pregnant with what I knew within the deepest part of my soul was the baby girl I dreamed of. On May 16, 2015, on a routine visit I noticed the doctor was acting strange and taking longer than usual to confirm the healthy heartbeat. We had heard it during the last few visits and suddenly my nerves plummeted. No one would confirm anything and they referred me to another clinic with an advanced ultrasound system. There they confirmed the most dreaded news. No heartbeat. The baby was no longer viable, and the best course of action was a DNC. Expecting my body to naturally abort the fetus could lead to complications. Leaving me devastated with the loss of my baby girl.

After the DNC, I was advised by my doctor to wait three months before trying again. I was eager to hold another baby, and we tried again. I became pregnant with my rainbow baby boy. Healing from my previous loss was the key that enabled me to be the best mother I could be to my little angel. Miscarriage and still birth loss are truly grueling experiences for mothers. Speaking out about on my own journey I am better able to connect and help women who have experienced similar paths. Connecting to our wombs on a physical and energetical level unlocks so many benefits for us women. From conception to birth it is pivotal to connect to our wombs for overall wellness –mind, body, and spirit.

My services range from yoni eggs, tantric breath, and energetic sessions for womb blessing and healing. Personally this has allowed me to heal and become deeply connected to an organ that holds such a sacred energetic space. My wombs story has brought me so much joy It has taught me that loss is tied to that joy and born from hope.

Hope creates sacred space for human life. It allow us to grow and manifest the life of our dreams. It allowed me as a woman to map out who I want to be, my aspirations for my kids and my community. My purpose is to help women feel empowered with the divine space inside us, connect them to healing by activating the link to their most powerful, sacred portals; our womb.

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